Plant-Based Power from Recycled Cooking oil

Collection, recycling & green fuel generation

We believe that yesterday’s cooking oil should become tomorrow’s energy

That your business waste can be recycled into green energy to power festivals or simply help to support our National Grid.

Through our pioneering technology we are able to recover a waste product that previously went down the drain and turn it into a source of income for your business, while keeping your kitchen and waterways clean and efficient.

Nationwide coverage with localised logistics

We pay generously for your used cooking oil and will arrange a collection schedule to suit your needs

We create our patented LF100 fuel from waste vegetable, rapeseed, sunflower & palm cooking oils

Fat, oil & grease management

Professional, low-maintenance grease traps installed for free and managed through cost-effective service contracts. (terms and conditions apply)

Mobile generators for almost any application, running on our patented plant-based fuel.

96% of the UK covered

Used cooking oil collection & recycling

Whether you’re a family-run fish & chip shop or an industrial cooking facility, we collect over 250 million litres of waste cooking oil every year through our unique network of reliable localised collection hubs.

A service that works for you

– Market price or below guaranteed
– Same or next day collection
– Continuity of supply guaranteed

Fat, oil & grease management (FOGs)

Increasingly, kitchens are at risk of on-the-spot inspections & fines due to new legislation that requires all commercial kitchens to have a credible fat, oil & grease management programme to avoid fat and grease runoff into waterways.

As part of our plan to create a truly circular cooking oil economy, we have partnered with Fatstrippa, the UK’s leading grease removal unit (GRU) manufacturing company to offer a completely free of charge FOGs management system to all our customers.


Fatstrippa at a glance

– Financing available for all units
– The industry leader for almost 3 decades
– Zero Cost – we actually pay you for waste!
– 30,000+ units sold in the UK
– 10 year construction warranty

Nationwide net-zero power solutions for events of any size

Festivals, sporting, funfair, motor racing etc
We cover 100% of the UK and can cater for any sized event or eventuality
Temporary power when you need it most – suitable for gov agencies, utility companies motorway repairs etc
In times of need we can provide emergency power to regions that need it

100% of the UK covered

Scaleable remote on-demand power ​

Using our unique modular approach we are able to scale solutions from the smallest of events up to multi-day festivals and provide power comparable to a small city.

Cost effective, 100% sustainable fuel

Our customers demanded an even greener alternative to biodiesel which is why we created ‘Lf100’, our patented, 100% sustainable fuel, meaning you can be confident that your business or organisation is as sustainable as possible. LF100 leverages a unique filtration process that does not require the chemical processing normally needed to convert UCO into a biofuel.

Recycling for all

It is estimated that the UK pours in excess of 18 million litres of oil down the sink every year – enough to generate the electricity to make 4.3 billion cups of tea.


We’ve partnered with over 96% of the country’s household recycling centres so next time your family’s taking a trip to the tip, make sure you bottle up your oil and do your bit to keep our waterways oil and grease free.

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